Exclusive Casino No Deposit Bonus Welcome Coupon Codes Mar 2022

Exclusive Casino Coupon Codes

Claiming Coupon Codes

At Exclusive Casino, there are three categories of bonuses that each have a different way of claiming those coupon codes. We will show you how each can be claimed to avoid any confusion, and make it easier for you to claim the bonus and enjoy your playing time. To start the claiming process for any of the coupon codes, go to the Cashier.


The fastest way to get to the Cashier is by accessing it through the top menu bar. If you look towards the far right, you will see a Cashier button. Click on the this button to go to the Cashier. You will need to be logged on to enter the actual page. From here you will be able to go claim a No Deposit Bonus or Deposit Bonus. For the Extra Spin bonuses, you will need to first claim one the other two bonuses.


Claim a No Deposit Bonus

Even though you need to redeem a No Deposit Bonus coupon code at the Cashier, no money is required to claim the offer. The Cashier will have a form dedicated to redeeming only promo codes, you can get there by clicking on the “Coupons” tab.

At the Coupons section, you will see all the promoted bonus offers from Exclusive Casino. Although they may seem interesting, the No Deposit Bonus codes we recommend have better bonus rewards than these. To claim any bonus code, you can enter it manually. You can do so by clicking on “Enter Code”.

On this screen, you will need to manually enter the promo code you want to claim. In the case of the 45 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus, you should enter the bonus code SPEEDVEGAS into to the “Coupon Code” form field. Once you click on “Redeem Coupon” your account will get the bonus rewards.

It’ that simple and quick to claim a No Deposit coupon code.


Claim a Deposit Bonus

Claiming a Deposit Bonus will be almost as easy but with a couple of extra steps. To begin, head to the “Deposit” tab.


Here you will see all your options for making a deposit. This will be covered later on in the review. On the right you will see a section to enter your promo code in a section labeled “Coupons”. The section isn’t noticeable unless you know to look for it. Here you will click on the drop down menu. In the list of available promotion code options, the last one will be “Use Another Code”. By selecting this option, an input field will appear below the the drop down menu, labeled also “Use Another Code”.


Claim “BILLIONAIRE” for a 300% Match

This is where you will enter you preferred coupon code. If you are claiming something like our recommended Welcome Bonus, for your first deposit, you can enter BILLIONAIRE coupon code. Next you will need to click on the “Redeem on Deposit”check box.

The final step is to make a deposit to complete the requirements of the the deposit bonus. Make sure you deposit at least the minimum deposit requirement. Any deposit below the minimum will not allow you to redeem the bonus. Once your deposit is successfully approved, your real money deposit and the bonus from the coupon code offer will be added to your account balance.


Claim Extra Spin Bonus

Sometimes certain bonuses will give an additional set of free spins by meeting a requirement to an existing deposit bonus. An example of this is the 5WISHES promotion. This bonus offer is actually a daily promotion, that can be claimed twice each day. If you do claim it twice, you will be eligible for 50 EXTRA spins.


Access Live Chat

To redeem extra spins, you will need to contact the Exclusive Casino customer service through the Live Chat. You can access the Live Chat window on the top menu bar, on the far right corner. Look for the golden text bubble icon and click on it. This will open up a Live Chat Window. They will ask you for your username, then you will let them know you completed the requirements for the extra spins and want to claim the Extra Spins offer. Make sure to verify the terms for the Extra Spins with the customer service rep, as they are usual different than the original bonus in most cases.


Standard Terms

Most of the promotions listed on the Exclusive Casino website will list the terms of the promotions in the fine print for the offers you are looking to claim. But in the scenarios where they do not list them, the Standard Terms and Conditions will apply. We recommend you read this page on the Exclusive Casino website before registering for your account, since creating an account means you accept these terms.

We will cover the basic terms for No Deposit Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses and Extra Spins.


No Deposit Free Bonus Terms

When you claim your first No Deposit Bonus, you will only need to have an account to be able to claim it. But if you want to claim Multiple No Deposit bonuses, Exclusive Casino requires that you cannot claim them right after each other. To get around this, you will need to make a deposit right before claiming your next No Deposit Bonus. We recommend you claim a deposit bonus, instead of just plain deposit, to maximize your bankroll. Once you complete the deposit or deposit bonus, you will be eligible to redeem another No Deposit Bonus. If you prefer, you can just make a plain deposit, it’s up to you.

It is not common for online casinos to have multiple No Deposit Bonuses, but Exclusive Casino offers you 45 Free Spins and 35 Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses. We wanted to explain this important condition so that you could take advantage of both No Deposit Bonuses.

To withdraw your winnings from a No Deposit Bonuses, there are two scenarios: Free Spins & Free Chips. Free Chips you will multiply the playthrough factor by the amount of the chip to get the amount you must playthrough to complete the rollover requirement. The maximum cashout is usually twice the value of the free chip, up to $100. The rollover factor for playing Slots & Card games is 50 times, while playing roulette your rollover factor would be 60 times.

For Free Spin No Deposit Bonuses, the spin on their own do not have a bonus value. The bonus is calculated from the winnings after you use all the spins. You will then multiply the bonus winnings by the rollover factor to get the total playthrough needed to complete the bonus, so you can withdraw your winnings. The maximum you can withdraw is $100.


Deposit Bonus Terms

A deposit bonus is when you fund your account with real money and you receive a bonus on top of your deposit. Within this type of deposit bonus, there are actually the sub-categories: Match Bonus, Free Chip & Free Spins.


Deposit Match Bonus

With a Deposit Match Bonus, when you make a real money deposit you will receive a bonus, on top of your deposit. That is, your deposit will be multiplied by the listed percentage. The playthrough to withdraw your winnings is calculated by adding the amount you deposited and the bonus received, then multiply it by the rollover factor.

The most you can cashout from match bonuses, if not stated in the promotion, is usually no maximum cashout. But the original amount you received in bonus money will not be cashable. This means the bonus amount will be removed from the bonus. For example, if you received a $87.50 bonus and won $3000, your final payout would be $2912.50.

While you are playing through the bonus, the rollover factor will differ according to whether you play Slots, Cards Games or Roulette type games. For Slots, there will be a rollover factor of 30 times. When you play Card Games, you will have 35 times rollover factor. While playing Roulette games, your rollover factor would be 60 times. If you play games that are excluded from the bonus terms, you will void your bonus terms and in effect, forfeit your winnings.

If the Free Spins are included with a Match Bonus, then the free spins will have no additional playthrough requirement.


Deposit Free Spins Bonus

With a deposit bonus that gives you just free spins, your bonus will be the winnings from the free spins. These promotions are usually use to promote a specific game, in some cases they are new games that have been added to the Exclusive Casino library of slot games. As with other free spin bonuses, you will need to complete all the spins on the selected game before you can play anything else. If you play another game, before completing all the free spins, the bonus will be voided.

The maximum cashout for free spins is 5 times the amount of spins given with the bonus. If the bonus came with 25 Free Spins, then the most you can cashout is $125.

If you are claiming Extra Spins, the same restrictions that apply to original are often different. You can contact customer service if it is stated in the fine print.

In order to withdraw your winnings from the free spins, you will need to playthrough 30 times the bonus winnings to complete the promotional terms. Once the bonus is complete, your money will be moved from your bonus balance to your withdrawable balance.


Deposit Free Chip Bonus

With a Free Chip from a deposit bonus, you will receive a set value free chip as long as you make a minimum deposit requirements. If that is the case, it is recommended you only make the minimum deposit to claim the chip. By depositing more you will give yourself a higher playthrough, without the added benefit of receiving a bonus match to the extra deposit money.

The maximum cashout for deposit Free Chips bonuses, is 5 times the value of the Free Chip.

To withdraw your bonus winnings, you will need to complete the bonus. The playthrough factor will depend on the type of game you play. If you place a wager on slots the the playthrough factor is 40 times. While card games will have a playthrough factor of 45 times. For those that want to play Roulette games, there is a 60 times playthrough factor. All other games will be excluded and void the bonus and your winnings. Now you take the playthrough factor and multiply it the amount of your deposit and the free chip bonus value. This will give you the amount you must wager to transfer your bonus winnings to your withdrawable balance.


Wagering Games Types & Contribution

At Exclusive Casino, the games are broken into categories. This important to understand what games qualify under which categories since it will have real life implications on using your bonus offers and not validating the terms of the promotion.

If a game is allowed for your bonus being claimed, the game type will also have different percentage contribution for every $1 wagered. If a game has 100% contribution, then a $5 wager would count $5 towards your playthrough requirement. But if a game has a 25% contribution, then you would only receive a $1.25 playthrough contribution with the same $5 deposit amount.

There are 5 main categories: Slots, Card Games, Video Poker, Roulette and Excluded games.

Slots Games
Games: Video slots, 3-reel slots, keno, bingo, and scratch cards
100% Contribution: $1 for $1 match towards your wagering requirement

Card Games
Games:Video poker, Blackjack, Blackjack multi-hand, Tri-Card Poker, Three Card Rummy, and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
25% Contribution: $0.25 for $1 match towards your wagering requirement
In this game type is not allowed by the terms of the promotion, do not play to avoid voiding your bonus winnings

Roulette Games
Games:American and European roulette with outside bets disabled
100% Contribution: $1 for $1 match towards your wagering requirement
Only play Roulette games if it is allowed by the promotions terms. If not allowed you will void the terms of the bonus

Games:Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, Sic Bo and War. If a game type is not listed in ther of your promotion, then it is voided. You can verify with customer service.
0% Contribution: Void your bonus winnings and the bonus itself.

Author: Georgia Frazier